What is NextGen@ICANN?



NextGen@ICANN (formerly known as Youth@ICANN) is initiated by a youth-led organization, NetMission.Asia, one of the recognized groups under the At-Large Advisory Committee of the ICANN structure. The NetMission Ambassadors believe that the role of our next generation in the Internet world is more than a user only, but also a contributor as a citizen of this virtual world – “netizen”.

While they have been to many ICANN meetings and other Internet-related conferences such as Internet Governance Forum (IGF) before, they found the presence of youth is rather low and they think it is difficult to take part in the intensive discussion as newbies and outsiders of the community.

Therefore the idea of NextGen@ICANN is created to equip the youth on Internet Governance discussion and open their door to the ICANN fora. It aims to provide a platform for young people to understand the structure of ICANN and truly participate in the policy discussion.

The vision of NextGen@ICANN is to become a self-sustainable youth and community-driven initiative whereby regional and national engagement activities are held respectively. By bringing together students from different universities around the world, they will serve as the seed ambassadors to spread the impact and extend the NextGen@ICANN umbrella. This not only in turn provides a resource of future candidates for the global Next Generation ICANN annually, but also allows the impact to be spread at a local level worldwide.

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