About NextGen@ICANN Singapore

NextGen@ICANN Singapore-01
NextGen@ICANN Singapore is a 6-day youth conference held in conjunction with the ICANN meetings. Initiated by NetMission.Asia (an ALS of APRALO) and supported by the ICANN Asia Pacific Hub, this conference seeks to raise interest and awareness of ICANN policy discussions among young adults, and to groom future industry leaders. NextGen@ICANN is incorporated into the main schedule of ICANN and features a mentorship shadowing component to allow young adults to better understand the dynamics of ICANN discussion. The highlight of this conference is a public session where the youth delegates will role play ICANN’s board meeting, simulating ICANN’s  multi-stakeholder structure. This will be on Thursday morning before ICANN’s Public Forum.

This concept and model of the meeting was indeed experimented at a Youth Forum organized by NetMission Ambassadors in April 2013 during the ICANN Beijing meeting. With the prior successful experience, NextGen@ICANN Singapore therefore kicks off as a pilot to deploy the NextGen@ICANN initiative.

30 young adult delegates in their tertiary or higher education will participate in this program. They will come from around the Asia Pacific region, including Armenia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, mainland China, Singapore, South Korea, to join us in ICANN Singapore Meeting from 22 to 27 March 2014.