Core Elements

Online Learning Hub & Preparation

Selected delegates would have to go through a series of preparation online a few weeks before the actual meeting, as such pre-conference preparation with assigned discussion topics is important to allow an engaging and quality discussion on-site.

Role-Play / Stakeholder Simulation

Delegates will be assigned to unique stakeholder group within the ICANN Structure. The role-play will replicate the ICANN process. Each structure will nominate representatives to join the board of ICANN and to speak on behalf of the stakeholders’ group. The whole simulation enables youth to understand different stakeholders of ICANN.


Model Board Meeting

The Model Board Meeting will be the highlight event open to public. It is the time which the multi-stakeholder model be seen with different stakeholder groups exchanging their viewpoints. The nominated youth board members will gather in a round table to discuss a specific policy issue that needs to be addressed by the current board.

Shadowing and Mentoring

The shadowing will include assigning a member from the actual committee to be their mentor at the ICANN meeting. Youth delegates will shadow the mentor to attend the related-meetings of their constituencies or structure. It aims to bridge the delegates with the actual community and enhance their dialogue. Youth delegates can seek advice and feedback from the community members or mentor on their discussion direction.


Talk with senior ICANN members

Next Generation ICANN delegates will be arranged to join the Fellowship Morning. In addition, talks with some of the key ICANN players or senior members will also be arranged.


Presentation in Public Forum

A public forum is where all ICANN participants have dialogues with the board on various policy issues. A Youth representative may report their discussion outcome and the statement in this forum which is held on the last day of the ICANN meeting.


NextGen@ICANN Booth

A dedicated booth managed by the youth delegates will be set up to promote NextGen@ICANN. Youth delegates will also get the chance to acquaint with the mass ICANN participants.