Engage and capacity building for young adults in Internet governance participation

According to the Pew Internet project in 2010, 93% of young adults aged 18-29 go online. Young people are frequent users of the Internet, and they are gaining access earlier in their youth. Yet they rarely appear in the ICANN discussion due to lack of information and knowledge. This would be a first step for them to understand Internet governance issues at the forefront with industry experts. As a strong believer of ICANN’s multi-stakeholder model, youth’s engagement further reinforces the diversity of the ICANN policy dialogue.

Train ICT leaders in the future

Via youth engagement programs, our vision is to see youth’s direct engagement in policy discussion in ICANN together with other industry experts. They will become the future leaders in the industry.

Develop toolkits for youth engagement

Ensure scalable efforts can be duplicated elsewhere with the toolkit development for engaging youth in Internet governance discussion

Extend the ICANN community network

Establish relations with universities through the organization of Next Generation ICANN so as to facilitate the promotion of ICANN among the next generation